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Depuis 10 ans déjà : Microsoft est un acteur et contributeur de l’open source !

Au cœur de la stratégie Microsoft « Cloud first, Mobile first », les technologies open source sont essentielles. Pour relever les défis posés par les environnements mixtes devices ou cloud, il faut capitaliser sur les compétences et optimiser les investissements existants.

Contributeur sur des projets majeurs de la communauté (Linux, PHP, …), Microsoft va bien au-delà de l’interopérabilité technologique pour répondre aux enjeux du Web, de l’industrialisation des développements multiplateformes, multi-langages. Le web, l’agilité et devops, le machine learning et le big data sont autant de défis que nous pouvons relever ensemble.


Nexedi was founded in 2001 with the creation of the ERP5 project, whose first implementation was awarded “Best ERP project” in 2004. Our headquarters are located in Lille, France. We have Nexedi offices at your service in Brazil, Germany, Japan and Senegal.



Abilian is an open-source software vendor proposing innovative solutions for your enterprise or organization. We operate in the Enterprise 2.0, information management and business processes sectors.

With Abilian’s solutions, your enterprise will become more creative, reactive, open and, in one word, competitive.


Datadog is a monitoring service for IT, Operations and Development teams who write and run applications at scale, and want to turn the massive amounts of data produced by their apps, tools and services into actionable insight.


Dataiku develops Data Science Studio (DSS), a software platform that aggregates all the steps and big data tools necessary to get from raw data to production ready applications.

It shortens the load-prepare-test-deploy cycles required to create data driven applications.

Thanks to its visual and interactive workspace, it is accessible to both Data Scientists and Business Analysts.


Relevant data analysis feeds effective strategy, leads to improved performance and ultimately accelerates business growth. Our team of data scientists and web analysts will guide your initiatives with pragmatic, tailor-made recommendations based on big data and deep customer insights.

With offices in Paris, New York, Shanghai and Bangalore and a team of 150 people worldwide, Equancy is a global consulting firm exclusively dedicated to marketing and corporate communications. We offer high-level advice to the senior management of some of the most well-known brands in the world, delivering them actionable strategies for profitable growth., we have the global reach and local knowledge to guide our clients in their home markets and abroad.

More info about Equancy on http://www.equancy.com/


Logilab développe des logiciels, et propose du conseil et des formations de haut niveau dans les domaines de l’informatique scientifique et du web sémantique, en utilisant des outils et méthodes agiles.


Systematic Paris Region

The French SYSTEMATIC PARIS-REGION competitiveness cluster brings together 600 key players in the Paris region working in the field of software-dominant systems and focusing on markets with a strong social dimension. Based on 5 key areas - Automotive & Transport, Free and Open Source Software, Security & Defence, Systems Design and Development Tools, Telecoms - the goal of the cluster is to develop the regional economy and boost the competitiveness by leveraging innovation, training and partnership opportunities.

Since 2009, Systematic deploys its technologies towards new markets, including “ICT & Sustainable Cities” and “ICT & Health” which are at the heart of the 21st century challenges and whose development increasingly relies on the know-how of Systematic members.

Since 2005, Systematic has developed 258 R&D projects representing a total R&D investment of €1.2 billion including €450M funded by the French Government, its economic development agencies and from the Paris-Region local authorities.

Other Supporting Organisations


The French-speaking Python Users Association.

Continuum Analytics

We build technologies that enable analysts to answer questions from the data all around us. By engaging open source communities, we are building useful tools that are sustainable and widely used. By focusing on collaborative technologies, we give analysts a better medium to communicate their decision process and focus their stakeholders on the details that matter most. In creating a platform for distributing that expertise, we enable teams to quickly share insights and iterate on the solutions most critical to their success.


Inria, a public research institute in computational sciences, aims to guarantee a maximum impact from its R&D results. It contributes to innovation within France by transferring its technologies and skills to industry.

Inria has a range of schemes to promote technology transfer, including a programme specifically aimed at SMEs, strategic partnerships with R&D departments of major industrial groups, and support for business start-ups. A team of professionals is on hand to support researchers and entrepreneurs in the development of their value-added projects.

Through its nationwide computational sciences technology transfer initiatives, Inria supports French competitiveness and the development of innovative businesses.

Institut Telecom

Institut Mines-Télécom is a public institution dedicated to higher education, research and innovation in engineering and digital technologies. The institution is under the authority of the Minister for Industry and Electronic Communication.

NUMfocus Foundation

NumFOCUS promotes and supports the ongoing research and development of open-source computing tools through educational, community, and public channels.

Paris DataGeeks

A meetup to get together and chat about machine-learning, natural language processing, large scale data analytics using open source tools such as Hadoop MapReduce, Shark, NoSQL databases, the semantic web and linked data. Everybody who want to share experiences or ask questions on smart and/or large scale data processing related topics is free to join. Expected profiles: students and academic researchers, software engineers, Gus de Garages, trendy web 3.0 entrepreneurs who want to change the digital world while drinking mojitos. On peut parler en français bien sur :) But if your are a non-native french speaker lost in Paris, feel free to drop by we will be glad to switch in english.